Top Spiritual Books to Read Today

When it is time for a change, it is essential to read books that help you make that change and implement it. Spiritual books come in handy at helping you change your life no matter what point you are in. There are plenty of spiritual books out there, and it is, therefore, important to pick out the best. This post will guide you.

1. Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle

Power Of Now easily ranks as the best spiritual book out there. This book invites us to focus our lives on what happens at a particular moment rather than the past or the future. The book also encourages us to take time and meditate on the meaning of life, as this will help us lead a life of purpose.

2. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is one of the legendary spiritual and fictional writers of our times. His books transform lives and trigger change. The Alchemist, in particular, is a spiritual book that calls on each one of us to make the active step to chase our most dear goals. The book advises against pursuing vanity that, in turn, clouds our hearts and brings suffering. More than anything also, the books calls on us to embrace change as the most constant thing in life.

3. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is one of the most reputable spiritual teachers today. His advice on yoga and other meditative practices help many learn to balance life and grow spiritually. In his book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Sharma narrates the story of a top lawyer who leaves everything behind to go to the Himalayas. Here, he becomes a monk and later returns to teach the importance of a minimalist life to his friends. In the book, Sharma’s focus is on teaching us the importance of reflecting on life.