Spirituality and Mysticism in Literature

Literature is a great, vast world, covering topics from nature, travel, fiction, non-fiction, surrealism, horror, thriller, to spirituality, mysticism, religion, and the supernatural. Spirituality and mysticism is a niche of literature that has gained in popularity over the years. You can find publishing houses, authors, and books within literature that all fall into this category.

Publishing Houses and Agents

With the rise of popularity in spirituality and mysticism in literature, there are many more publishing houses and agents that publish this category than ever before. Agents like Amanda Annis who has worked at Penguin Random House and Roger Freet who has worked at Harper Collins are just two examples. If you have a book in this category, you want to publish or want to find and read, these are two publishing houses to look out for.


Looking for some authors to branch out on in spirituality and mysticism? Popular authors Joel S. Goodman and Marie S. Watts have a variety of books that delve deeply into the world of the mind, spirituality, the meaning of life, signs from the universe, and the human condition.


One of the most popular books in contemporary literature revolving around spirituality and mysticism is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Set in Arabia, the story follows a boy who goes on a journey to find his life’s meaning. Along his way, he follows the signs of the universe, trusting in these omens to find what his life should be about.

Many of the most popular spiritual books right now follow the theme of trying to find your life’s purpose and following signs from the universe. We are at a time where religion is less about following rules, and spirituality and faith are more of the guiding principles that most people are waking up to.