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Privacy & Refund Policy


In order to keep you up to date with our titles, we will keep your details on file. Records are kept on our own computer and are totally secure. Any information we receive from you remains with us; we do not sell, trade or share the contents of our customer database with anyone outside MYSTICA. Under no circumstances will we disclose or divulge your personal information to any third party, save such information as is deemed necessary to confirm or validate your chosen payment method.


We are confident that the in-depth coverage we provide on our site will see you getting exactly what you bargained for. If, however, for some reason, the book we send you is not the one you specified, and you return the book to us in original condition within 21 days of dispatch, we will gladly arrange a refund or credit for the full book price.

Please note: your postage costs to return the item (s) to Mystica are the responsibility of the purchaser and are non-refundable.


We accept:

  • Personal Cheques from Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and US.
  • Cash in US Dollars, NZ Dollars, and Pound Sterling.
  • Credit Cards through PayPal.
  • Bank Drafts / International Money Orders.
  • Electronic Bank to Bank Transfer.
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